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Nick Rizzo

  • CEO Of Striven Life
  • Lucky guy married to the lovely lady on the left
  • High School Educator of 4 years
  • Previously a Biologist with 3 years of research experience at top institutions
  • An awkward, quirky, passionate dude with big aspirations, a bigger drive to succeed, and a massive belief in the fact that our biggest limiting factor in life is yourself, your mindset, and what you believe your capable of

Striven Life: The Path Of Being Driven To Consistently


Each and every individual today is the summation of everything that has happened in their life, the actions they have taken, and the emotional and mental impacts those events have had on them. 

The above is what I have ALWAYS found to be true but... what decides who you will be in the future? What decides the level of happiness you will have? What decides how you will live?

The answer is simple, YOU;
 A driven you who wants to take full control of their life, of their future, and is ready to act now, is who decides everything that unfolds in your journey through life ahead.

Striven Life is designed specifically to help guide you on this journey. Along the way, you will see my own journey, my failures, my successes, and my methods, all being shared openly with all to show no matter the set back you face, there is always a way to continuously keep moving forward!

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