I Am Going To Make Today My Bitch

It was [7:30] AM and a group of us stood congregated outside of the room. The look on people’s faces would have you think that death laid just beyond these doors. No one really said anything to each other.

This was either due to the lack of sleep we all had or some people being overwhelmed with fear and anxiety for what was about to come.

Meanwhile, I was chilling out, sitting on the floor against the wall. In one hand I had this sweet AF yogurt cup I artistically and carefully assembled in the cafeteria and in the other was a cup of coffee.

In my ears I had Radiohead’s album In Rainbows on as they are my favorite band and perfect for entering a flow state when it comes to working. I kind of just sat back and people watched out of curiosity (can’t lie, a little bit for entertainment because people literally looked like they were in the midst of being scolded by their mother).

[7:50] AM hits and the door opens. The first student walked out ahead of the rest by a good 15-20 steps.

She stopped, frantically looked at all the people waiting outside of the class, smiled as if she was simultaneously being pinched in 17 different places on her body, let out a quick nervous breakdown-esque giggle, erupted into tears, and began to run.

You should have seen the look on everyone’s face. Surely, this must be a life and death moment right?

I walked in, said hello to the professor Yan Lin who was our teacher for Organic Chemistry, and took my seat. I asked if she was cool with me listening to music during our final because it helps me concentrate and she allowed it.

The finals were passed out and I could almost feel the tension in the air from the other students.

The next thing everyone heard in the class was:
“I am going to make this test my bitch”
Honestly, I didn’t even realize people heard me until someone told me after the test was done do to my headphones being in but oh well…

You see, as crude or “politcally incorrect” that phrase may seem, it has been a motto that I have used to motivate myself for tests, interviews, basketball games, or entire days.

The reason it is so big for me is because of the following:
1) You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t then who the fuck will?
2) Why wouldn’t you believe in yourself? You are more than capable to do whatever it is the lays before you so reassure yourself of it
3) Personally, I never half ass anything. If I had a test or interview or anything came up, you are damn sure I was prepared for it and this phrase was something I used to remind myself of the fact that I have done everything I possibly could up until this point. Even if I didn’t, nothing I do now will change my level of preparedness and so all that is left is to free myself of any fear or anxiety or nervousness, and just do the best I can.
4) We all need that inner voice that just tells you, screw anything inside of yourself that is bringing doubt or makes you think you are not capable. Why? Because I’m awesome and I don’t need any negativity in my life telling me otherwise, even if it is myself.

Before you judge me, I am really not conceited or cocky. Me calling myself awesome may seem that way but it is the truth. We all are capable of amazing awesome things so why not remind ourselves of how great we are as a whole and meet every challenge head on with that mindset?

I find it really important for everyone to have that inner voice, that inner cheerleader (poms poms and all =p ), and that phrase that you crafted yourself or fell in love with that someone else made that whenever you face a challenge, adversity, struggle, or just want to make the most of the day that lays before you, it is there driving you forward!

So, let’s hear it people, what is your phrase/mantra/slogan in life that helps you drive you forward?


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Adam Rizzo says July 3, 2017

I like to keep myself “PG” and don’t technically have a phrase that I say to myself but just an inner determination that I will either accomplish something I’ve never done before or learn something I didn’t know before each and every day I sit down to work. Those moments, which at times can seem few and fleeting, are really what keep me going. We all need to find our own slogan to keep us Striven and continue to forge forward on our quest to better ourselves.

    Nicholas Rizzo says July 21, 2017

    Exactly! Doesn’t matter what your mantra/slogan/saying is, if you created it or if it is a quote, but as long as it is YOURS and YOU USE IT FOR YOU, that is all that matters!

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