Setting Goals & Italian Subs: No Meat = No Success

Why Just Setting A Goal Won’t Cut It

We have all seen this happen or even done it ourselves. The New Year is rolling on in and over the following 2 or 3 weeks our news feeds are filled with “New Year’s resolutions”, your co-workers/friends/family will tell you ALL ABOUT their amazing new resolution/goal they have set for this new year and then ask you about your own.

For the past two years I have abstained from any conversation around this topic because I am just so vehemently against this whole notion and BS tradition.

Why does it need to be a new year to want to be better?

Also, have you ever questioned someone about how they intend to achieve that resolution or goal?

Usually when you do you get a response that is somewhat half-assed, made up on the spot, or the usual when it comes to weight loss, “I am going to start dieting, running, and going to the gym”.

Here is the issue. Well, at least one issue.

You have set a goal, you thought about some things you want to do that might help you get there and that is all fine and dandy BUT THERE IS NO MEAT!

What do I mean by meat?

Imagine this goal like a top-notch, mean ass Italian Sub. You got the bread and said I want an Italian Sub but have yet to pick up any of the other like 15 ingredients that go into a solid sub.

So what do you have? A hearty piece of bread.

Everything that has to go into this process of achieving this goal has been left out! All of the details, the steps, the how, the when, the why, the how often, the metrics or data that you will use to measure your progress, everything, is missing from that goal and now you’re left with a sad sub roll of a goal.

This is why the numbers for people who actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions or goals is around 8-9% based off of the latest statistics. They have no meat to support their direction in achieving that goal and therefore increase the likelihood for failure.

A goal needs detailed planning, understanding of the process, support, accountability, and execution in order to be successful which is exactly the process we intend to bring you along the ride for.

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