How To Achieve More By Taking Immediate Action

How To Achieve more by Taking Immediate Action


While at the gym I was thinking about this concept. The concept was about the importance of execution, taking immediate action, and why we should never sit on new information or inspiration.

How many times have you heard or read something that you instantly in your head say that this is a good idea or I should really be doing this? Be honest!

I remember a couple of months ago my brother and his fiance started to do a low carb diet. In moderation, carbs are okay, but in excess are terrible for us, especially sugar. In about 3 weeks of doing this my brother was able to lose 12 or 13 pounds and his fiance was able to drop about 9 lbs, with not even going to the gym.

My immediate reaction was, wow, I should really be doing that too……and it never happened.
^I can be such a dumb ass sometimes =p^

You see, we find ourselves in this situation often, we know that something that we want is just within our reach but we don’t take the necessary actions to reach it, achieve it, and succeed at that.

When I got home from the gym I said to myself “I should really do a video about this, it is so damn important. Alright, maybe I will put it in my schedule for next week.” Then there was a small moment of silence and out loud I said “What the fuck am I doing? I am literally talking about executing when you have the idea and I was going to put it off?” And so I recorded a video while still being a sweaty, musty mess because IMMEDIATE ACTION is necessary for consistently growing, achieving, and succeeding. 

Here is the thing, we all have the ability, we all have the potential to achieve and succeed at the things that we want to. There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

So many times, in our lives, especially in mine, we get this new inspiration or information about something we can do that can make us better or improve ourselves, our relationships, our jobs, and our lives overall. But instead of taking that immediate action, we tend to just sit back, think about it, and look at the idea in our head and say “That is a good idea” and sit back and look at it.

All we do when we do this is act as a disservice to ourselves. If we all took action when we had this inspiration or ideas for improvement we would be in exponentially better places in our lives.

THIS is what Striven Life is all about. It is all about inspiring you and inspiring myself to realize we can do these things, it is just about stepping up, executing on that information, on that inspiration, on that motivation, and taking advantage of it when we have it.

If we start doing that today and everyday moving forward while keeping our eye on the goal, taking the steps to grow in whatever direction we decide to grow in and try to succeed in however you define success for yourself!

When you get this information, inspiration, or motivation, immediately decide if this is something that you want to do?

Write it down, make a plan, and tell someone close to you that this is something that you want to start doing, and here is how you are going to do it. Remind yourself through reminders on your phone, put up post it notes around the house, and make sure you can’t forget that this is something that you want and this is something you are going to do.

This correlates with everything we are doing in the Free Facebook Group. We are constantly taking action for improving, we are reading books jam packed with information on how to improve ourselves in mindset, habits, success, relationships, and so on. That is the whole point, we read, we learn, we take action, and we grow, every damn day.

It is all within your reach, but will you step up?

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Adam Rizzo says August 13, 2017

The same thing just happened with me while reading “The ONE Thing”. Keller discusses the effectiveness of time blocking and how setting aside a set time every day to do whatever it is we are dedicating ourselves to. He recommends setting aside a 4-hour block an duo just hammer home whatever it is that needs to be done.

I read that and thought it was a great idea and thought about when and where I could do this in my day. No action actually took place and the next two days I saw myself log into my spreadsheet to chart my work time at the same times I always have been this whole summer. Usually it is between 10:30AM-1:00PM and while I get some work done, I know that I could definitely be on at 8AM and block off until noon no problem and be wildly more productive.

Time blocking will be my goal when I reset my weekly goals tonight moving forward.

    Nicholas Rizzo says August 15, 2017

    Definitely man, when you have your objectives set, a time slot allotted for it, your time becomes drastically more productive, and effective! If the school year starts and your finding it difficult to get 4 hours straight, it is perfectly okay to seperate it into 2 2-hour blocks. In fact, I prefer to work in 2 hour intervals as science has showed we can really only be fully productive for 90 minutes.

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