The 1 Thing That Is Every Entrepreneur’s Enemy and How To Fight It!

#TheStrivenEntrepreneur Episode 1 – The 1 Thing That Is Every Entrepreneur’s Enemy and How To Fight It!

The 1 Thing That Is Every Entrepreneur’s Enemy and How To Fight It!

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We all know it when we see it, even though we should run, we stand right in front of it, like deer in the headlights. It comes closer and it sucks us in, paralyzes us and stops us from ever moving until we escape it’s grasp hours, days, or weeks later.

It is our enemy, and we have to fight it.

The Enemy: The Noise – The culmination of all of the information that we are continuously being smacked with from marketers, gurus, fancy new technology/software/platforms, shiny object syndrome, success stories, and the “I made *insert absurd amount of money here* in 4 weeks with this one secret tip”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the marketers, gurus and everyone else, they are doing the job and doing it well, but we need to save ourselves.

My Battle With The Noise

In my first brand, I was struggling. I was teaching during the day, coming home exhausted and stressed, only to continue working on building my nutritional supplements business. I was 4 months into really dedicating my efforts daily to build my eCommerce brand and had nothing to show for it. We are talking hours upon hours, daily.


Because I was SO tuned into the noise. I would learn about a new strategy, a new guru, or some new technology and spend hours learning about it, days even. Then, as always, a new shiny object would appear in the distance, the next holy grail for success. Seeing these messages, videos, blogs, and ads all the time had me saying “This person is successful, who the hell are you? You need this if you want to succeed.”

You have probably been there too, the negative self-talk, the imposter syndrome, and all of the above. Well, it is a tough place to be and I was in it knee deep. I was completely overwhelmed, filled with a whole lot of self-doubt, had zero direction, and honestly, working on my business went from being a joy & a passion to something that felt closer to torture and torment. Going from shiny object to shiny object, being pulled in every which direction, every direction except forward in my business.

The thing is we don’t typically know that we are doing this to ourselves at first. It didn’t hit me until the Ezra Firestone Story.

The Ezra Firestone Story

I was turned onto Ezra from another entrepreneur in my space. He talked him up and the more I learned about him, the more he showed of his success, the more I believed it. At this point, I am realizing that what I do is really ecommerce and that this man was killing it in this arena.

I began reading and watching everything from Ezra. Then, a webinar was announced, I signed up so fast thinking “This is going to be the 1 thing that changes everything for me”. At the end of the webinar he was talking about this private membership with a comprehensive course that was surely going to lead me to success.

Then he dropped the price tag. My heart sank. There is no way I could afford it. At one point, the thought “If I can just find a way to get this money I can will be able to finally have success in my business”.

I did a mental double-take. I thought “wait, what the hell did I just say?” almost as if I was going to start an argument with myself. Did I really think I wasn’t capable of success? I began to reflect that night and realized that I have had success in the past so there is no reason why I can’t be successful with this new endeavor. With the records set in powerlifting, academic success in college, making discoveries in science when conducting research are B&W and Harvard Medical, and so on there was a clear trend in how I achieved success so I built out a system for building momentum and success in my business. If you want to hear more about it you can see that here{        }.

That system will do nothing until I first handled my issue with the noise. So, on that night, I decided enough was enough and started working on a solution.

How To Fight Back Against The Noise
1) A Shot of Self-Belief – Like for me, you need to realize that we are fucking awesome. Excuse my language but look back over your life and realize you have had success prior whether it was in your career, your business, your personal endeavors, relationships, or whatever it may be.

We have to believe in ourselves. A lot of these successful businesses or entrepreneurs we see got there through hard work, dedication, effort, time, and creativity, all things that you also have access too. So stay grounded, stay driven, and keep on moving forward. You CAN do this.

2)Tuning Out The Noise – You have to start by simply tuning out the noise. Start by taking everything you have learned and know thus far and build a plan, strategy, or system of your own to grow your business. Then, take action! Focus on your action and don’t let anything side track you.

3) When Do We Tune Back Into The Noise? – With the noise turned off, we are able to focus on doing the actual actions that build our brand, that engages us with our audience, that makes this process an enjoyable one.

BUT, sometimes we hit roadblocks, and are struggling through a specific issue or problem. Like maybe it is your first time doing a launch of a new product or you want to see how this next launch you can really up your game?

This is when you start asking the questions, doing the research, finding resources, and reaching out to others. You are turning on the noise but only for the answers to your questions.  Set aside time to specifically learn about this and only this. Schedule it in and determine how long you will spend doing it.

Once you finish up, turn that noise back off, go to the drawing board, and see how you can take this new knowledge, insight, or perspective to solve your issue. Integrate all that you have ascertained and then go back to taking action!

4) Dealing With Shiny Object Syndrome: Maybe you are doing a great job of staying tuned out to the noise but you are in some amazing facebook groups or on a top-notch email list and someone shares a great strategy with you. Maybe it’s a new software you haven’t heard about that is going to help you save time through automation and make your content have greater impact. Awesome. It is so easy to jump into that rabbit hole for hours, but you, you won’t do it this time!

How you say?

Make a document or a bookmarks folder where you simply save that link with a little note to yourself as to why you saved it. Then, if you feel like that noise would be beneficial to your current plan or a new stage in your plan, designate a period of time, if really necessary, and do the same process from step three! Schedule a time, engage with this noise during that time, shut it off, and integrate what you have learned into your business if applicable at that time.

The Result?

I was finally excited to sit down to get work done every day. All of my efforts became so much more focused on DOING & TAKING ACTION to build my business, less time focused on everything else happening in the outside of realm of entrepreneurs, and learning new information only when it is necessary and utilizing it immediately.

Being able to actually accomplish a set of tasks every day gave me confidence and feeling of accomplishment. Doing this day after day led me to start seeing progress and started to empower myself to set bigger goals, more audacious challenges. Only to see me knock them down in the same way.

None of the fear of failure, the self-doubt, negative self-talk, or imposter syndrome feelings were present anymore. I had finally had some clarity, direction, and self-confidence knowing that the only difference between where I stood now and where the marketers,gurus, and more successful folk was time. Time for me to put in the effort and action to get to that next stage.

 Building your business doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and complicated process. My expertise is in simplifying the entrepreneurial journey, making the path to success clear, empowering you to be your own guru when it comes to your business, and building massive momentum in your business!
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Adam Joseph Rizzo says August 9, 2017

Great job on the first episode of your first show. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s book review since it’s not one of the books I’ve picked up. Keep up the great work bro! 👌🏽

    Nicholas Rizzo says August 9, 2017

    Thanks man, appreciate it! Have a guest lined up for Thursday as well and she is amazing so hoping to get some real solid breakdowns and discussions!

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