The 2 Missing Pieces For Making Consistent Progress & Accelerating Your Success When Building Your Business Part 1

#TheStrivenEntrepreneur FB Live Show – EP #2: The 2 Missing Pieces For Making Consistent Progress & Accelerating Your Success When Building Your Business Part 1

When I first started out, I would sit down at night and work on whatever came to my head to do, which, I am sure as we all know, doesn’t work. It was trying to approach success by doing what everyone else said I was supposed to do.

Needless to say, my effort felt like a major waste of time. My business felt like a waste of time. I felt like a waste.

I felt absolutely overwhelmed and lost in how to build my business…how to move forward.

One night, I was taking some time to myself. I sat outside in my backyard, doing deep breathing exercises, and reflecting on my work, my business, myself, my life, and where I was going to go moving forward.

I realized that I had been extremely successful before. I was able to take home first place trophies and set records for my age and weight group in competitive powerlifting. I had been able to conduct laboratory research and make discoveries in science at powerful institutions like Brigham & Women’s and Harvard Medical. I graduated in the top percentile of my class in college with my Biology degree. And the list goes on.

If I was successful then, why can’t I be now? What did I do then that can be applied to what I do now?

Identifying The System

My approach to success, in all aspects of life, became clear when analyzing how I approached success in Powerlifting.

You see, everyday that I came into the gym I knew exactly what exercises I was going to be doing, at what weight, how many reps, how many sets, the tempo of each rep, and more. Each day was carefully planned to guide me toward a goal weight to be able to hit.

When I was unable to perform these goal weights, I was able to look at that failure, identify where the issue was, plan a way to improve upon it, and continue moving forward.

For example, one day I was set to hit a 365 lb Bench Press. It was three weeks before my next meet so the pressure was on. I was able to control the bar down to my chest, pause, and press it about half way up. The bar stopped its movement and so the lift was a failure.

What I learned?

The failure was due to my triceps not being strong enough to execute that last quarter of the lift to lock out the bar completely straight up. So for the next week, I focused purely on lifts that can improve my triceps strength and explosiveness. I showed up to my meet and set my Personal Record at that time of a 365 lb Bench Press.

This exact process of utilizing data with proper metrics in a carefully constructed and comprehensive system to achieve objectives can be an unstoppable force that builds massive momentum in your business.

Building A System

I began to take what I knew from Powerlifting and my other successes and develop a system for myself.

Want to know the best part?

This system doesn’t have fancy bells and whistles, require some new monthly payment for a software, or even overly complex. I have used it to build my brand, improve in other aspects of my life like fitness, overall health, relationships, and mindfulness, as well as used it to help my clients build their business.

Brief Explanation of System:

1) You see, you have to first start by simplifying everything. You can’t look at your business as this one massive entity but rather break it down into smaller pieces, that I like to call categories such as content creation, brand visibility, email list building, email list engagement, and so on.

Why? Because it is easier to identify how to improve each smaller piece than to just look at the ENTIRETY of your business.

2) Then, focusing simply on each individual category. Within that category you can start up what I call projects. These projects can be new initiatives, a new marketing strategy, a product launch, and anything else you can imagine.

3) Identify the goals & objectives of this project as well as metrics to measure to see how your efforts are able to improve progress towards this goal.

4) Within that project, identify the pillars you are going to work towards building up. For example, with my brand visibility category’s first project I created way back when was working on visibility via engaging content. This project was then broken down into 4 pillars, one for each of my unique weekly FB Live Shows and my weekly medium content that I post.

5) Next, you identify any metrics you can use to measure the impact from each specific pillar or progress within that pillar.

6) With your pillars identified, it is time to brainstorm the actionable steps you can take to build up that pillar.
For every actionable step or task, ask yourself, what is this, how will this specifically help me build this pillar, and how will this help the overall project?

Are there one off tasks/actions you need to take?

Is there a weekly action you need to take?

Is there something daily you could be doing as an action?

Can you batch work one week/month to improve towards this goal?

7) With this actionable list you can now move forward and start planning out the days and times you will work on these actions to begin making progress.

The Result?

With this level of organization, intentional planning, and progress measuring, I began to have such a clear and direct idea as to what I am doing day-to-day, how those actions impact my brand, how it will improve my business, and how I can measure this in order to know what is working, and if something isn’t working, having the data to decide how to pivot.

When these big overarching goals are broken down into simple, small tasks, the idea of success and achieving what you want seems much less daunting. Additionally, it helped me become much more confident in my business and myself.

My clients have felt more of the same, after a single 1 hour call, they always walk away with a detailed, thought out, plan for how to continue moving forward, what to focus on, where they are going, and how they WILL get there. They move forward with confidence knowing that their actions will bring up about momentum in their business and the data/metrics will help them to ensure it is always moving in a positive direction!


Building your business doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and complicated process. My expertise is in simplifying the entrepreneurial journey, making the path to success clear, empowering you to be your own guru when it comes to your business, and building massive momentum in your business!
Let’s connect for a 30 minute free discovery call and learn how you can start to unleash your full potential in your business!

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