#TheStrivenYou FB Live Show: Episode #5 The One Rule To Help Maximize Your One Life

#TheStrivenYou FB Live Show: Episode #5 The One Rule To Help Maximize Your One Life

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The One Rule To Help Maximize Your One Life

What if there was one rule that we call all use and apply to our lives that would not only bring in exponential amounts of success in our lives but also allow us to maximize the one life that we have?

Sounds like a gimmick right?

I know but here is the thing, it is the straight up truth and tons of people have lead their life by this rule and I have watched them achieve their goals, break barriers they didn’t think they were capable of, all by following this rule.

The Rule
Set goals 10x higher and take 10x the actions.

Ever since reading the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone and started applying it to my life, things have drastically change in my business, in my health, and in my life overall.

Why Does This Work

Think about the average person, the average goals, the average ambitions, the average belief in self, and then see the results of their efforts.

I don’t think any less of someone who does this I just think that this one life we have is way too damn short to settle for average and we should always provide ourselves the opportunity to be more than that and surprise ourselves with how damn great we really are.

For example, originally, my goal was to get my first paid client by December in my business. This would of been the first and only income generated by my business. With this goal in place, my plan and actions matched this goal.

I decided to say fuck it and set my goal 10x higher and stated that I wanted to make 10,000 dollars by the end of 2017 in order to replace my income from my previous 9-5 job as a teacher. With this goal in place I set my milestones, my plan, and my actions to match this goal.

The morning after I set this goal, I took time to write down all of my milestone goals that would lead up to this goal. Then, I followed this up with a deep breathing exercise where I focused on visualizing each and every goal, the actions it would require, the feeling I got from those actions, how it felt to achieve each goal, and eventually, how it felt when I hit the 10k mark.

Changing my mindset, 10x the goal, 10x the actions, and visualizing this entire process made the possibility of achieving this goal seem so much more realistic and possible.

Result Of 10X’ing My Goal
With this new plan in place, my mindset resituated, and executing on my actions, I began to surpass my original goal almost immediately. In just two months I have managed to get my first two paid clients and have developed a process that is continually putting me in position to find new potential clients.

The thing is, it wasn’t more difficult, it didn’t necessarily take more time, it didn’t take more energy. It was just a little bit of extra effort, thinking, and planning at the start to help me focus on only the actions that will be the most beneficial and get me to that goal of 10k.

Using It In Our Life

All of this can be applied to everything else in our lives.

Think about how many times someone has said “I am going on a diet” or “I am trying to just eat healthier? Seriously? Think about it, what does that even mean? What is the objective? What does it look like? What type of diet consists of “eating healthier”?

What if instead people committed to this instead:

“Building a diet that nourishes my mind, body and emotions. A diet that helps us have a healthier lifestyle, that helps us lose weight, that produces us much more energy and prevents potential diseases or health problems in the future.”

That is so much more detailed and specific, as well as a 10x’ed version of the original goal. Now, it may seem overwhelming reading that goal and thinking we are capable. The thing is, if you want it, then you are capable. With this goal in mind it is all about just taking the time to identify a diet and lifestyle that will help you achieve that goal, identifying exactly how you will going from the starting point to the end goal, and then executing.

Use With Caution

The one thing I am not advocating is that you allow these goals to take over your life. It is easy to make attaining one goal consume a great deal of your time, energy, thoughts, and focus while leaving everything from our significant others, family, friends, hobbies, responsibilities and more to the side.

Focus first on the one thing you really want in your life, set that goal, and 10x. Integrate the actions to achieve that goal into our lives in a way that doesn’t disrupt EVERYTHING. Will you have to make some sacrifices? Yeah, maybe if you are following that diet goal and you realize that you are going to have to give up that glass of wine, your favorite sugary snack, and yes, if you’re like me, no more Chicken & Waffles…

The thing is, we are sacrificing things that aren’t a necessity, they are luxuries, that with or without, doesn’t define us, doesn’t define our life, and doesn’t define what we value.

Start 10x’ing Because You Are Worth It & Capable
Whatever it is that you want in life, whatever goals you have, whatever you want to improve on, we can simply start by writing it down, and then 10x’ing that goal. Build out the plan and actions to achieve that goal.

Worst thing that happens?

Maybe you don’t reach the 10x goal you set but maybe you end up reaching the 5x of your original goal. When this happens we should not be disappointed or upset with ourselves but rather be elated at the fact that we reach a goal that was exponentially higher than what we originally set for ourselves.

All it takes is dedication, consistency, effort, planning and creativity, all resources that we all have equal access to and capability to utilize in our lives. So go ahead, 10x the hell out of your goals, 10x the hell out of your life, and start living life to the fullest and show the world your full self, I give you permission.

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