Nicholas Rizzo

CEO of Striven Life & Nimbus Nutrition

The Journey

Life is a journey; the process of going from one place to another. It is up to us to decide where we want to go on this journey. For me, I have committed myself to making this one life, this one journey, a consistent driving force to be a better version of myself each and everyday. This committment has allowed me to have a ton of unique experiences, success in a variety aspects of life, be in a position to help others, and surround myself with genuinely caring, loving, and supportive people I call family. Through StrivenLife.Com I will continue on this journey and bring you along for the ride.

The Commitment To You

What drives Striven as a company is to enable you to take control of your life and make progress each day to make it what you wish it to be. Each piece of content we create is geared to provide you real life examples, information, and a take away that you can utilize to improve various aspects of your life. Oh, and don't worry, your not alone! Our Facebook Community group is growing and filled with like minded individuals who are tired of being stuck, who want to break out, who want to live their life and not have it lived for them. That leaves us with one question; are you ready to take the Striven Life path and take full control of your today, tomorrow, and future?