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Do You Want To Be The 8 Percent or The 92 Percent?

Every year, the new years roles around and people start talking about resolutions and the truth is...

92% Fail to fulfill their resolutions
8%    Make it a reality

Hell, I can't even count how many times I have set a New Years Resolution and failed them...hence the high quality running shoes I never used, the bass guitar I never play, or the snowboard that is in my basement, or is it in my Parent's attic still?

Yeah you get the point... as I sat and thought about this on New Years Eve, enjoying a glass of wine with my wife this question kept running through my head.

What if there was another way?
More than that what if there was another way that was built specifically for those with ADHD to help increase our growth, our successes, and ability to be a part of that 8-9 percent?

When I asked myself that question, the hyperfocus set in...and you know how that is. Nothing was going to get in the way of me creating an answer. 

An answer that would cater to our ADHD.
An answer that would eliminate the possibility of being distracted from our goals
An answer that would protect us and our vision for ourselves from our emotional dysregulation that comes with ADHD.
An answer that would  get us kickstarted and ensure we follow through. 

This challenge will show you that answer that will not only help you set goals for all aspects of your life and business, but help you actually make it a reality utilizing techniques and strategies that have been shown to specifically help individuals with ADHD. 

The only question is...are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet and be in the 8%?